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Country houses can range from the simplest to the most sophisticated, but what is sought in them is a different, relaxing atmosphere, different from the hectic and oppressive pace of big cities - greater contact with nature and the pure air of the mountains.   They must be attractive to receive friends and to rest, prone to dealing with animals and often contemplative.   They are often located in mountainous regions and the climate is colder.  In northeastern Brazil, they bring us into direct contact with roots, stories, food and traditions, especially in São João.  It is essential for architecture to rescue all this identity mixed with the particular feeling of our contractor. We have dozens of examples to present, but we have selected the most representative ones from our portfolio here for you.

Gravatá - PE

Inspired by Casa do Altiplano designed by ND STUDIO, Casa Campestre de Gravatá resembles the first in the sumptuous outline of its vast roof with several planes and in the perfect connection between the pool, gourmet terrace, dining room and kitchen, surprising in particular aspects of the design, such as the double height ceiling in the living room with a sumptuous fireplace and the unusual placement of the property on the land, turning 45° in relation to the access street.  With imposing eaves, shears and structure with exposed roofs in raw wood, combines sophistication and warmth for long periods in the countryside with numerous friends.  The night lighting is strikingly beautiful, both in the sinuous glass panels and in the tempting swimming pool with wet bar and thermal treatment, served by a gazebo with spa and covered area for informal meetings with structure for hammocks.  The gastronomic terrace includes an upright freezer, barbecue, pizza oven, TV and dish rack for the pantry -kitchen adorned in colonial style.

Gravatá - PE

Seeking to integrate well into the natural environment and the neighborhood, but without giving up incredible leisure areas for its users and friends, the Casa Rustica, with a contemporary look, generous ceiling heights at the front and back, in addition to large and showy panels of glass, it is covered with elements such as rock and wood to compose its look.  The magnificent leisure area consists of a gourmet terrace supported by an American kitchen, next to a toy library and connected sauna to the infinity edge pool with beach, lane, waterfall and a very modern fire-pit to receive friends and family in style in meetings that never end !!!  Sound and image resources are integrated to these and other environments that also aim at integration, such as the three suites with dressing room and views of the lake in the Gravatá Country condominium, interconnected by a unique and wonderful panoramic balcony!

Gravatá - PE

Inspired by the old mill houses but without giving up the constructive facilities of today, this beautiful house is notable for the extraordinary panoramic view of the horizon, both from its Suites and from its Events Deck, where the long-line Infinity-edge Swimming Pool with Whirlpool and Longe Recreativo.  On the same deck, under the protection of a generous overhang, there are also Living, Home and Dining rooms coupled with American cuisine and, of course, a Gourmet Terrace with Barbecue, Pizza Oven and a warm space for get-togethers.  Also having a cozy chapel and a Fitness Room on the top floor, Casagrande has a large Garage and Services area below the deck, a Party Room and expansion space taking advantage of the natural slope of the land, conducive to beautiful widescreen photos in its framing of the horizon at dusk.

Gravatá - PE

Perched on a crystalline outcrop in the mountainous region of Gravatá, Maison Cottage emerges from the rugged terrain between showy rocks and slopes with respect for the differentiated surroundings and sumptuousness inspired at the same time by neoclassical and colonial architecture, making good use of arches, columns, stone and wood, as well as majestic stained glass windows with daring wavy designs.  The sinuosity of the property follows the whims of the rocks that starred in the guidelines of the implementation project.  the facades are contemplative and flanked by beautiful walkways, where even the swimming pool is integrated, with transparent walls creating infinite edges and natural topography, like a beautiful stream inherent to the landscape.  The Mansion also offers feet -double rights, cellar, basement, solarium, charming lounges and gourmet areas, as well as five suites and home theater with reclining chairs and state-of-the-art equipment.

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Located at Km 14.5 of Estrada de Aldeia, in the Pernambuco municipality of Camaragibe, next to a beautiful forest reserve, this bucolic residence seeks the best aesthetic integration with the natural environment, with a slight overlap in the daring front drawing, but exhaling scenographic rusticity in the composition of facades with stones, columns, decks and wooden pergolas, and a lot of contemplative glass favoring solar lighting and visual contact with the landscape inside and outside the property.  Among the internal spaces, We highlight a generous library that, in addition to being well-inserted in the tranquility of the place, serves as a space for family gatherings, an environment for research, studies and social contact with the outside world, equipped with shelves, individual benches in a meeting room with a home-theater._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ At the end of the afternoon, enjoy the sunset from the generous "L" shaped terrace.

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Departing from the colonial style, in a daring reinterpretation of these origins, Casa Club adds a vast glass panel, as well as arched and "V" shaped columns to an objective plasticity that aims to preserve the formal purity and the vast gardens of its generous social area.  The intention is to shelter friends outdoors, preserving the interior of the building where only the most intimate will spend the night.  For this purpose, the swimming pool with a swimming lane, children's area, waterfall and wet bar, it has the powerful support of a gastronomic edicule that has a barbecue, dining table and a changing room for the wet area, serving users with relaxation and in the best home-club style.   at night, the gardens take on a resort feel.  Inside, the house has a home cinema, sculptural stairs and bold lighting for intimate and social environments .

Camaragibe - PE

One of ND STUDIO's most chic projects, Casa do Bosque is completely structured in autoclaved eucalyptus logs and with a differentiated acoustic and sealing treatment.  A double beam surrounds the slabs of the building allowing the transverse wooden beams are visible in the internal environments without detriment to the plaster ceiling with built-in lighting, maintaining the rusticity of the project and fantastic integration with the natural environment.  Among the internal environments, the highlights a large library, contemplation living room and the purposeful separation between the "Dirty Kitchen" and the "Gourmet Kitchen" integrated into the living and dining rooms.  Externally, the charming swimming pool that has an exuberant landscaping treatment it shares space with orchids and borders the glamorous limits of the gourmet terrace.

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Seeking adequate integration with nature, with due distinctions, Casa Canteiro, all built on the ground floor - but even so with higher ceilings in the Living and Dining rooms - has  typical lines of a beautiful middle-class residence with an appreciation for aesthetics and allowing for certain sophistications, such as the imposing glass mesh and hanging planters on the main façade.  A beautiful human dwelling surrounded by greenery and with recreational possibilities such as the vast Gourmet Terrace equipped with a pizza oven, barbecue, vat, bathroom and dish rack for the kitchen as in our large projects of the genre, in addition to a living room with TV on the terrace that opens to the outside, flanking a small Piscina.  Not by chance, we adopted the features of traditional architecture on its facades, with an apparent roof over a flat slab on two levels in the building.

Village, Paudalho - PE

Living on a farm near Recife, in a municipality like Paudalho, is a dream for many people, especially in retirement, for those who enjoy the northeastern fauna and flora and a traditional way of life.  These were the guidelines for our renovation and expansion of a property in the Bosque Águas de Aldeia condominium, where an old mansion needed to be recovered and adapted for use by the new owner, creating a double height ceiling in the living room and focusing attention mainly on the gourmet area with overlooking a powerful swimming pool where even the little dogs can play.  There is space planned for the planting and cultivation of exotic species of floral plants, but also for the barbecue or feijoada at the end of the month. week with beer on the side, as it should be.  All this in the best style of colonial architecture already tested and approved in our tropical forests.

Gravatá - PE

Planned to rest on huge stones of a small "Canion" in front of the land, Casa da Bandeira is characterized by its warmth and visual dominance over the land in which it overlaps and integrates harmoniously._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Its floor plan consists of wide open and permeable spaces with a Gourmet Kitchen with barbecue and Pizza Oven, mixed with the Living, Home Theater and Dining rooms, but also with the Gourmet Terrace, next to the Organic Pool and vehicle access .  The contact with the lower part of the land where the Games Room and a wonderful wine cellar are located takes place internally, but also through a very pleasant walk between stones and gardens bordering an elegant and romantic façade adorned with flowerbeds and flowers in the best rustic style, in opposition to the civic courtyard with social access where the majestic and fearless Brazilian Flag can be seen.

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