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Projects for Commercial Stores and Services

Increase your sales with architectural projects and renovation of wholesale and retail stores, perfumery, clothing, medicine, parts and services such as beauty salons, markets and other commercial points to better receive your client and prospect results. ND STUDIO is an architecture office with 20 years of experience in projects for wholesale and retail stores and magazines, sheds, industrial plants and various developments in Recife and other locations in the state of Pernambuco.

In order to facilitate queries and the flow of information on our website, we have divided our store and point of sale projects intoRetail Resellers,Wholesale MarketsIt isFactoriesas shown in the following galleries.

Palma Centro - Fachada (1).jpg
Retail Resellers
Points of vedon't knowservices and utensils for personal use such as clothes, perfumes, shoes in stores, boutiques,perfumeias, pharmacies, etc.


Wholesale Markets
Points for sale, resale and primary distribution inperformance squareinampleshoptionswith specialized technical assistance.

Producing Industries
Patios and factory facilities, sheds, basic industry, farms, production or distribution headquarters.

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