Trade  and  Service  Stores  Projects

The STUDIO ND Commercial Projects, both Construction and Reform and Environment are arranged on this page in sections to facilitate the search according to the area of ​​interest. Take advantage of the tour and get to know our projectual expertise to make your business feasible with the professional security and know-how of our office.

Drusa  Semijóias
Boa Viagem, Recife - PE

In order to develop a visual standard for a new semi-precious jewelery brand (Drusa), the ND STUDIO team was hired to create the company logo, color standards for the visual identity and, of course, install the store and set it up, following the best concepts for the proper functioning of the enterprise. Thus, an extra care was devoted to the exhibitors and the lighting of the spaces in order to valorize the products and sales techniques, with appropriate orientation of the look, hierarchy in the presentation of the pieces, besides flow chart and air conditioning pertinent to the use, without detriment of the security local.

Sotero´s  Semijóias
Center, Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE

Initially, a shop of plots and graphic advertising prints in the Center of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE, Sotero's decided to make more than a retrofit, modifying the Corebusiness of the business and entrusted to the ND STUDIO the mission to adapt the existing space to the new use, now for brand name memo seller of semi-jewelry! Inspired by Drusa, from the portfolio of ND STUDIO, but with a focus on the target audience, with more modest purchasing power, the contractors chose the color standards to be presented and asked our office for the project of reform and setting with the proper positioning of Marketplace. The result can be checked in the images shown here.

Salão  de  Beleza
Santo Antônio Neighborhood, Recife - PE

Realized for the exhibition at CasaCor Recife in 2008, our Beauty Salon had three environments: an access corridor, a sophisticated living room where you could listen to electronic tango during the wait and the beauty room, to attend special haircuts, working as a demonstration space. Its modern lighting features, simulating columns and beams of light in the work area and valuing works of art by the artist Marilu Melo, earned the ND STUDIO the first architectural award of the office, the TopClass of Luminotécnica. Take a tour of these photos - worth checking out!

Palma  Parafusos
São José Neighborhood, Recife - PE

A strong brand in the center of Recife, but needing to expand with the acquisition of a piece of land next to it, Palma Parafusos looked for us to design the remodeling and ambiance of the store, incorporating the new logo and developing the internal signage and new standards for its identity visual. New exhibitors were developed, as well as spaces for coexistence between employees and management. some internal adaptations were necessary to intermediate differences in the right feet between the properties incorporated in the expansion and the new façade was also proposed by the architects of ND STUDIO and approved to consolidate in the consumer public the moment of the change.

Dite  Cosméticos
Carrefour, Recife - PE

Nova marca varejista de produtos cosméticos e de perfumaria a Dite foi criada e inaugurada no final de 2020 com projeto de reforma, ambientação e identidade visual (incluindo a criação do logomarca) criados pelo ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design, seguindo as rigorosas normas de apresentação e diretrizes do hipermercado Carrefour do bairro da Torre, onde está situada.   Todo o mobiliário em metalon e madeira foi planejado em pouco tempo pelo escritório para imediata confecção e instalação logo após a aprovação da diretoria da rede.  Com piso vinílico, normas de combate a incêndios, cuidados relativos à acessibilidade e placa de fachada retroiluminada com fundo em pintura eletrostática, a loja ficou pronta para o Natal, apenas dois meses após o início do projeto.