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Clinical  and  Hospital  Projects

The archtects Nadjânia Gomes & Eric Dayan already has a wide portfolio of Construction and Reform projects, including the Custom Environment of several dental and aesthetic clinics and franchises in the City of Recife, as well as the planning of façades in several of these establishments and even of hospitals, acting including the Visual Identity of some of these spaces with the creation of the company brand. Check out some of our projects below.

COMEPE  Dental  Clinic
Madalena Neighborhood, Recife - PE

The intervention of the ND STUDIO at COMEPE happened from the inside out in an operational property, without any break in the functioning of the company. Initially, the renovation provided for better integration between the spaces, with new uses and a unique finishing standard, improved visual identity and a great personality, including a new workbench, providing more comfort and sophistication to patients. Subsequently, a radical change in the facade elevated the brand to a new aesthetic level, improving even its operational concept in the view of customers and suppliers..

Orthopride - Orthodontics and Aesthetics
Boa Vista Neighborhood, Recife - PE

Orthopride is a dental franchise that seeks to add fun, attitude and comfort to customers and associated with air-conditioned environments, transparency in care and seriousness in professional activity. In view of these permits, ND STUDIO, based on respect for the delimitations of the fiancé, designed the first store of the brand in Pernambuco, following its guidelines and priorities focused on the target audience of the company and developing a unique project in the visualization of spaces and application of concepts to motivate the expansion of the franchise.

Aesthetic  Clinic  Contornare
Jaqueira Neighbohood, Recife - PE

Aesthetic Clinic Contornare asked ND STUDIO to create its name, logo and visual standard for the promotion of the services offered today in a refurbished property and set according to our design guidelines to include garage, reception, living room (waiting), rooms massages, fitness academy and spaces for services and administration, seeking to offer rooms that provide relaxation, fighting, above all daily stress. Their environments are appropriately designed to provide greater care with physical and mental health and aesthetic enhancements aimed at the well-being of patients.

Dra. Valéria's  Children's  Clinic
Casa Amarela, Recife - PE

Going to the dentist is generally not desirable for patients in any situation. Imagine, then, the difficulty in persuading children to use services related to dentistry! Concerned about the adequate and personalized service to these demanding clients, we have designed this clinic always focusing on the humanization of space within its ergonomic and functional needs. The result of our intervention can be evaluated by accessing the following link ...

Santa  Genoveva´s  Hospital
Candeias, Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE

Santa Genoveva´s Hospital underwent renovations at the reception, rest rooms and the surgery room, following projective guidelines from the ND STUDIO, which always advocated a more comprehensive reform, encompassing the entire property. Our office was also responsible for the new visual identity of the spaces, recreating the logotype, frontlight and furniture color standards for friendlier tones, now with adequate lighting for the activities carried out in each internal space. The facades provided by ND STUDIO, however, have not yet been reformed to the standards presented here.

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