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The elaboration of projects for the construction of mansions and luxury houses (Luxury Houses) is one of the most visible areas of expertise at ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design, developed by Eric Dayan, a professional with extensive experience and long standing among the best architects in Recife, already adding 20 years of career and almost 50 projects in this area. In the residences developed by him from the coast to the interior of Pernambuco and in other states, there is an assertive care to sculpt them also internally, aiming at the perfect functioning of the spaces, with ergonomic fluidity and adequate infrastructure planned from conception. Check below the main projects of his authorship, following the possibility of deepening the desired theme in links directed to more specific niches of this site.

  High  Standard  Houses  

Check out our High Standard Residences with exposed roofs in several pitches to live a light life, but with sophistication.


  Luxury  Houses  

Large residences with a modern look, built-in roof and excellent materials and finishes are commonly called that.


  Country  Houses  

Houses with large eaves; apparent roof; casual but elegant look and rustic materials such as wood are highlights of the collection.


  Beach  Houses  

Receptive houses of the most diverse standards that are or could be present on our beaches are here in this wing of the portfolio.


  Alphaville  Houses  

Here are our projects for Alphaville Pernambuco, with its narrow, mountainous terrain and beautiful modern houses.

Casa Y (3).jpg

  Gravatá Country Houses  

Designing in Gravatá is a great pleasure and when you have almost ten projects in a single condominium it is necessary to dedicate a special section to it.


  Urban  Houses  

Check out our High Standard Residences with exposed roofs in several pitches to take life lightly, but with sophistication.

Casa Urbana (2).jpg

  Gourmet  Houses  

Those who have a house in the interior of the northeast want to gather friends around the pool to have a snack with draft beer, broths and barbecue...

Ricardo Barreto (23).jpg

  Rustic  Houses  

You know that clear, laid-back look that is super in touch with nature to relax and rest from the stress of everyday life?

17 - PS.jpg

  Concept  Houses  

In this section you will find out about our innovations in construction projects, ranging from design to differentiated structures, such as concrete, wood, steel and container. ​

Infinity House (49).jpg

  Complete  Portfolio  

If you are still in doubt and prefer to see all our projects without all this cataloging, dividing everything into areas of interest, enter here!

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