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Office  Projects

O escritório de arquitetura ND STUDIO tem proficiência e total domínio da ergonomia, acessibilidade, infra-estrutura e estética em projetos de Construção, Reformas e Ambientação de espaços Empresariais em áreas como advocacia, consultorias, arquitetura, publicidade e empresas de segurança e automação, entre outras, possibilitando o fortalecimento da marca e a confiabilidade do negócio com conforto e qualidade assegurados a clientes, funcionários e gestores desses empreendimentos.

ND Lounge 06
Consultoria - Fachada - Folder.jpg
ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design
Rosa e Silva Avenue, Aflitos, Recife - PE

With a 100% automated room, remote access, lighting and air conditioning control via voice and other technological facilities, the new headquarters of our ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design, now in its 3.1 version, consolidates itself as the most modern architectural firm in the north of Pernambuco. Its refined facilities in one of the most recent and well-equipped business in the region, surprise with the beauty, comfort and personality of the inviting environments for presenting the portfolio, developing projects, meeting with clients, socializing and stripped selfies for social networks. The spaces surprise the senses in every detail, seeking to captivate visitors providing them with a very pleasant experience.

Consulting  Office
Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Ipojuca - PE

An already renowned consulting firm in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco, now enjoys its own modern headquarters and comfortable and personalized facilities for its clients and employees, having invested with total confidence in hiring the architects of the ND STUDIO to enable their austere entrepreneurial dreams . The result is a building tuned to its time, but with robustness and security, consistent with the functions it houses and with the assertive degree of demand of its target audience. All the internal planning of infra-structure and ambiance was also elaborated, providing flexibility and total attendance to the expectations as it should be: before the beginning of the construction phase.

Architecture Office
Espinheiro, Recife - PE

Being well served in its work environment and being able to offer customers and employees a good atmosphere for coexistence was the intention of the management team of ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design in the elaboration of its office that counts on machinery of last generation, professionals trained besides practicality, comfort and sophistication in the details of the production rooms, meetings, banquets and bathrooms, leaving the common place in the choice of materials and bold lighting, without detriment of the latest technology.

Check out our modern facilities here.

LoopSell (1).jpg
Jaqueira, Recife - PE

Internet sales office, the LoopSell Recife unit was designed to house workstations, meeting rooms, management rooms, pantry, kitchen, product display and recording studio for advertisements on the world wide web, all in a compact space with 35m² and with a cool look, vibrant colors and decorative coats. The team truly works in a dynamic scenario that can go "on the air" from one minute to the next, bringing news, promotions, hotlinks, chats and polls that value the products offered, taking care of the marketing and the relationship with the potential customer.

Law  Firm
São José Neighborhood, Recife - PE

The Reform and Ambientation project planned for this law firm in Recife provided for a complete retrofit by the ND STUDIO, with changes in walls, floors, gypsum format and lumunotechnics, refurbishing furniture and electrical and telephone and network installations of data in order to modernize the service and the flow of information in relation to everything that was previously. A courageous decision for those who were already working there, but of undoubted return in comfort, agility, quality of life in the corporate environment and, of course, attracting good clients who will surely invest in those who invest and trust in their business with seriousness and willingness to do.

Law  Firm
Soledade, Recife - PE

Even in a rented room, investing in comfort and business presentation to impress customers is more than absolutely advisable - it's vitally important these days. Even without a major overhaul, it is possible to visually improve reading of existing spaces, lighting and convenience for all its users. It was in this way, without major inconveniences, but with simple investment of our client that we focused on the decoration of this office in the center of Recife, proving that the intervention is always welcome when in some way adds value to the people who will make use of the customized facilities.

Architecture  Office
Espinheiro, Recife - PE

Version 2.5 of ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design was for a long time the working environment of the duo and couple of architects: Nadjânia Gomes & Eric Dayan in a duplex room on the roof of a small business in the hawthorn. In this version, the ND STUDIO consisted of a reception with a table for presenting the portfolio, two production rooms (one on each floor), two bathrooms and a meeting room. In addition to modern machines and computers for project development, the look was slightly futuristic with design chairs, bluish lighting and silver-colored wallpapers, highlighting an atmosphere at the same time of neutrality and optimism for the visitor and the office client.

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