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Projects  de  Setting

Architecture of Internal Environments

Lush mosaics and textures mixed with the distinctive scenographic lighting of this wonderful room for three environments are some of the highlights of the beautiful retrofit setting of this pleasant apartment in Boa Viagem.

Boa Viagem - Recife - PE

Light, Camera, Sensation...!

Apartment - 200m²


Boa Viagem neighborhood - Recife - PE

Elegance With Personality

Apartment - 240m²

Without fear of daring, the setting mixes armorial, floral and classic capitonese motifs with impeccably designed furniture to compose all the interior spaces with class, worthy of exhibition.

Asa Branca Residence, Gravatá - PE

Regional Arretado

Apt. Decorated - Duplex Penthouse - 110m²

Regionalism and cosmopolitanism give a unique identity to the property that served as Decorated Apartment by Pernambuco Construtora at Asa Branca Residence, in Gravatá - PE.


Av. Boa Viagem - Recife - PE

western mirage

Apartment -180m²

Life by the sea on the beautiful Praia deBoa Viagem in an exuberant environment influenced by the Emirates, in sophisticated coatings and golden objects, without detriment to the interior architecture of the capital of Pernambuco.


Rosarinho - Recife - PE

Modern Sophistication

Apartment - 180m²

Innovative furniture and bold lighting resources connecting the architecture and its users to the aesthetic standards and facilities of today with lightness and elegance


Boa Viagem - Recife - PE

Avant-garde Balance

Apartment - 180m²

With one foot in the traditional and the other in the avant-garde, we achieved a contemporary reading for the property with a beautiful contemplative view of the most important mangrove forest in the capital of Pernambuco.


Boa Viagem - Recife - PE

Classic With Style

Apartment - 310m²

For those who think that the Classic has stopped in time, the look of this apartment attests that the style remains in constant evolution, exceeding expectations and promoting links between generations.


Tower neighborhood - Recife - PE

Scenographic Vigor

Apartment - 220m²

Glasses, mirrors, contrasts and bold and singular scenographic lighting make this space unique and seductively impactful with variations of light and shadows of irreverent anti-monotony effects.


Boa Viagem neighborhood - Recife - PE

Accurate Aesthetics

Apartment -140m²

Home to a respected plastic artist from Recife, this beautiful apartment, 100% automated, required spaces for harmonically exhibiting works of art, reinventing aesthetic concepts.


Boa Viagem - Recife - PE

Under the Influence of Design

Apartment - 240m²

Very sober and dark furniture as opposed to objects and design elements that are imposed in the setting, following the design intentions of the resident owners.

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