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Welcome to the page with the largest Residential Construction and Planned Setting projects by ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design by Architects:  Nadjânia Gomes & Eric Dayan.  Here they are listed the Top Luxury Houses of our office with constructed areas between 500m² and 1,000m², in different cities such as Recife, Gravatá, João Pessoa and beautiful beaches on the coast of Pernambuco.  The design solutions for such properties are the most diverse, but invariably there are large spaces intended for gatherings and gourmet activities in the most integrated way possible, with eye-catching stained glass windows and excellent performance finishes with refined aesthetics.  Check out our expertise in the inspired examples listed below follow.

João Pessoa - PB

Built on a 20x30 plot of land, Casa do Altiplano was ND STUDIO's first residential construction project and earned the office, right on its debut, the prize de  BEST  PROJETO_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ DE  ARQUITETURA  RESIDENCIAL  CONSTRUÍDA  pela revista especializada CLASSCASA no ano de 2011.   Its charm lies in the white apparent roof of various planes and the vast stained glass windows of the sinuous facade that gains unique beauty when contrasted with the pool lighting at night , as seen in the photographs.   With lighting and security automation, elevator connecting from the basement to the first floor, power and heat generation through solar panels and terrace Complete gourmet integrated to the kitchen and the water park that has a swimming pool with SPA, wet bar, beach, swimming lane and waterfall, the project still honors its architects for the finish and conservation of the chosen materials.

Gravatá - PE

Inspired by Casa do Altiplano designed by ND STUDIO, Casa Campestre de Gravatá resembles the first in the sumptuous outline of its vast roof with several planes and in the perfect connection between the pool, gourmet terrace, dining room and kitchen, surprising in particular aspects of the design, such as the double height ceiling in the living room with a sumptuous fireplace and the unusual placement of the property on the land, turning 45° in relation to the access street.  With imposing eaves, shears and structure with exposed roofs in raw wood, combines sophistication and warmth for long periods in the countryside with numerous friends.  The night lighting is strikingly beautiful, both in the sinuous glass panels and in the tempting swimming pool with wet bar and thermal treatment, served by a gazebo with spa and covered area for informal meetings with structure for hammocks.  The gastronomic terrace includes an upright freezer, barbecue, pizza oven, TV and dish rack for the pantry -kitchen adorned in colonial style.

Gravatá - PE

Built on a 1,000m² plot of land in a gated community near Gravatá - PE, Casa do Lago, with objective lines and bold modern design, has six social suites, three of which have a walk-in closet and are interconnected by a large intimate balcony._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ With double height ceilings, including the indoor spa area, the magnificent building surprises with its large laminated glass panels, panoramic balcony with glass floor and com  the infinity pool that overlooks the dam on the banks of the small hill where it is located.  All the social areas of the house such as the gourmet terrace, the living and dining rooms, the Intimate living room (with fireplace, bar and heated wine cellar) and the spa are strategically facing the pool.  Designed for family weekends and summer seasons, the residence includes large areas for parking cars and quads.

Serrambi Beach, Pernambuco

A comfortable and imposing house, but at a moderate cost and, above all, prepared for festive days of leisure in the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Brazilian Northeast. in Serrambi, Pernambuco, where the slope of the land was used for a discreet basement-garage.   The social areas face a fantastic water park and, of course, the beautiful blue sea.  The pool and Support Deck are where meetings take place and are the perfect stage for rest or fun, with a Gastronomic Room, bar, wet bathroom, shower, sauna and hydromassage tub in the pool with a beach that seeks to anticipate the color of the ocean.  References in the finishes to wood, stone and other natural elements framing large panes of glass privilege  outdoor relaxation, always on time, in no rush to finish.

Serrambi Beach, Ipojuca - PE

Designed for the summer in a condominium on the beach, but with all the convenience and comfort of a residence for residents, this beautiful contemporary house immediately draws attention to the contrasts between full and empty facades, the reflecting pool that surrounds part of its perimeter and by the imposing glass meshes that reveal secrets at each new step of a visitor.  The swimming pool, integrated to the gourmet terrace, has a shower, spa, wet bar, small beach and enters the living-dining room by crossing a wall of glass, sneaking under a fabulous sculptural staircase made of steel and white marble.  In addition to the incredible look that can be seen in social environments with this device, the comforting_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ the sound of a fountain arranged in the dining room invites us to pleasurable light and sensory experiences as presented in the main examples of new architecture around the world.

Gravatá - PE

Inspired by the old mill houses but without giving up the constructive facilities of today, this beautiful house is notable for the extraordinary panoramic view of the horizon, both from its Suites and from its Events Deck, where the long-line Infinity-edge Swimming Pool with Whirlpool and Longe Recreativo.  On the same deck, under the protection of a generous overhang, there are also Living, Home and Dining rooms coupled with American cuisine and, of course, a Gourmet Terrace with Barbecue, Pizza Oven and a warm space for get-togethers.  Also having a cozy chapel and a Fitness Room on the top floor, Casagrande has a large Garage and Services area below the deck, a Party Room and expansion space taking advantage of the natural slope of the land, conducive to beautiful widescreen photos in its framing of the horizon at dusk.

Concept Project

This high standard house with futuristic solutions, sinuous and sophisticated design, large stained glass windows, bold lighting and metallized coating in ACM, is purely conceptual by our office, but objectively designed on a real plot of the Gravatá County condominium in the municipality of Sairé, observing all the setbacks, solar orientation and construction standards of the place.  Our Luxury House has three suites, living room with double height, complete service room, spacious kitchen, living room, dining room, panoramic balconies, wine cellar and Swimming pool with a Gourmet Terrace, Lounge with Fire-Pit, Sauna and other amenities.  Take off with us in this beautiful project and also discover our fantastic Casino to gather friends in a sophisticated Lounge for adult games, prolonging the party at nightfall!

Gravatá - PE

Seeking to integrate well into the natural environment and the neighborhood, but without giving up incredible leisure areas for its users and friends, the Casa Rustica, with a contemporary look, generous ceiling heights at the front and back, in addition to large and showy panels of glass, it is covered with elements such as rock and wood to compose its look.  The magnificent leisure area consists of a gourmet terrace supported by an American kitchen, next to a toy library and connected sauna to the infinity edge pool with beach, lane, waterfall and a very modern fire-pit to receive friends and family in style in meetings that never end !!!  Sound and image resources are integrated to these and other environments that also aim at integration, such as the three suites with dressing room and views of the lake in the Gravatá Country condominium, interconnected by a unique and wonderful panoramic balcony!

Gravatá - PE

Perched on a crystalline outcrop in the mountainous region of Gravatá, Maison Cottage emerges from the rugged terrain between showy rocks and slopes with respect for the differentiated surroundings and sumptuousness inspired at the same time by neoclassical and colonial architecture, making good use of arches, columns, stone and wood, as well as majestic stained glass windows with daring wavy designs.  The sinuosity of the property follows the whims of the rocks that starred in the guidelines of the implementation project.  the facades are contemplative and flanked by beautiful walkways, where even the swimming pool is integrated, with transparent walls creating infinite edges and natural topography, like a beautiful stream inherent to the landscape.  The Mansion also offers feet -double rights, cellar, basement, solarium, charming lounges and gourmet areas, as well as five suites and home theater with reclining chairs and state-of-the-art equipment.

Condomínio Quintas da Praia - PE

A Casa do Paiva, Projeto do arquiteto Eric Dayan do ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design localizada no Condomínio Quintas da Praia, da Reserva do Paiva, em Pernambuco, traz consigo o que há de mais moderno e sofisticado na arquitetura mundial como grandes aberturas de vidro curvo transparente, iluminação zenital para a sala de estar com pé-direito duplo.  O terraço gourmet de ponta a ponta diante da piscina está sob um grande painél suspenso na projeção do telhado, entre outras inovações para o local. As soluções visam a completa integração entre as fachadas, ocorrendo na frente e atrás da residência, sem descuidar das laterais para promoverem a transição, com aproveitamento máximo do terreno dentro de todas as regras de projeto e a plasticidade da edificação.  A casa do Paiva segue na sua área gourmet todos os preceitos  de praticidade e conforto consolidados ao longo de 20 anos de projetos do ND Arquitetura.

Paiva Reserve - PE

Refurbishment and Ambiance Project for the Leisure Area and Swimming Pool of a beautiful house located on the seafront in Reserva do Paiva, in the Municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho - PE.  The reform designed by the architects of ND STUDIO covered the expansion of the Swimming Pool in length, width and depth, modifying its original design with a larger Prainha area and contact with the new Molhado Bar, now also larger. two showers and an annex comprising a wet bathroom, sauna and gazebo with lounge and hydromassage Jacuzzi facing the sea.  The renovation continued with new side accesses to this area, an arbor at the service entrance and remodeling of internal spaces, as well as the creation of new rooms such as the Recording Studio and the complete setting of all rooms in the residence.

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