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João Pessoa - PB, Brazil

Built on a 20x30 lot the Altiplano House was the first residential construction project of the ND STUDIO and earned the office, at the premiere, the BEST DESIGN OF RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE CONSTRUCTED by the specialized magazine CLASSCASA in the year 2011. Its charm is in the apparent white roof of various plans and the vast stained glass of the sinuous facade that gains singular beauty when contrasted with the illumination of the pool in the nocturnal environment, as seen in the photographs. With lighting and security automation, elevator connecting from the basement to the first floor, generation of energy and heat through solar panels and complete Gourmet Terrace integrated to the kitchen and the water park that has swimming pool with SPA, wet bar, beach, swimming sting And cascade, the project still today, honors its architects for the finishing and conservation of the chosen materials.

Gravatá - PE, Brazil

Built on a plot of 1,000m² in a gated community near Gravatá - PE, the Lake House, with objective lines and boldly modern design has six social suites, three of them with closet and interconnected by a large intimate balcony. With double-height double-glazing, including the indoor spa area, the magnificent building surprises with its large laminated glass panels, the panoramic glass-walled balcony and the infinity pool that overlooks the banks of the small hill where Is inserted. All the social areas of the house such as the gourmet terrace, the living and dining rooms, the Intimate living (with fireplace, bar and wine cellar) and the spa are strategically facing the swimming pool. Designed for family weekends and summer seasons, the residence covers large areas for car parking and quad biking.

Camaragibe - PE, Brazil

One of the most stylish projects of the ND STUDIO, the Forest House is completely structured in eucalyptus autoclaved logs and with a different acoustic and sealing treatment. A double girder surrounds the building slabs allowing the transverse wooden beams to appear in the interior without undercutting the plasterboard with built-in lighting, maintaining the rusticity of the project and a fantastic integration with the natural environment. Among the internal environments, there is a large library, living room for contemplation and the purposeful separation between "dirty kitchen" and "gourmet kitchen" integrated to the living and dining rooms. Externally, the charming pool that features lush landscaping treats space with orchids and borders the glamorous confines of the gourmet terrace.

Gravatá - PE, Brazil

Inspired by the Highland House designed by the ND STUDIO, the Country House resembles the first in the sumptuous cut of its vast multi-floor roof and in the perfect connection between gourmet pool terrace, dining room and kitchen, surprising in particular aspects of the Project , as the double-height in the living room with sumptuous fireplace and in the unusual deployment of the property on the ground, turning 45 ° in relation to the access road. With imposing eaves, scissors and apparent roof structure in rough wood, unite sophistication and warmth for great seasons in the field with numerous friends. The nighttime lighting is strikingly beautiful in both the winding glass panels and the inviting pool with wet bar and heat treatment, served by a gazebo with spa and covered area for informal gatherings with network structure. The gastronomic terrace includes vertical freezer, barbecue space, pizza oven, tv and crockery for the kitchen-style decorated in the colonial style.

Gravatá - PE, Brazil

Seeking the well integrate with the natural environment and the neighborhood, but without giving up incredible recreational areas for its users and friends, the Rustic House with a contemporary look, generous ceilings in the front and back, in addition to large and attractive panels of glass , it is coated with elements such as rock and wood to compose its look. The magnificent leisure area consists of a gourmet terrace supported by an American kitchen, next to a playroom and sauna connected to the infinity pool with a beach, lane, waterfall and a very modern fire-pit to receive friends and family in style in meetings without time to end !!! Sound and image resources are integrated into these and other environments that also aim at integration, such as the three suites with dressing rooms and views of the lake of the Gravatá Country condominium, interconnected by a unique and wonderful panoramic balcony!

Camaragibe - PE, Brazil

Starting from the colonial style, in a daring re-reading of these origins, the Club House adds a vast glass cloth, as well as arc-shaped and "V" columns to an objective plasticity that aims to preserve the formal purity and vast gardens of its generous social area. The intention is to house friends in the open air, preserving the interior of the building where only the most intimate will spend the night. To do so, the swimming pool with swimming, children's play area, waterfall and wet bar counts on the powerful support of a gastronomic edicule that has barbecue, table for meals and a cloakroom for the wet area serving the users with relaxation and in the best Home club style. At night, the gardens gain ares of resort. In its interior the house has home-cinema, sculptural staircase and bold technical lighting for the intimate and social environments.

Recife - PE, Brazil

Build as a conceptual house with a bold and contemporary design on a ground of less than eight meters in front and twenty-two meters long in a simple neighborhood of the bustling city of Recife - this was the undisputed success of the architects of ND STUDIO. With acoustic treatment in the glass, panoramic terrace overlooking the swimming pool of contemplation and gym on the roof, this beautiful house is imposed by the personality of its forms softened by a water park that includes a shower, access beach, hydromassage banks and wet bar next to the bathroom of support, the barbecue and other gastronomic devices for the preparation and washing of tasty snacks. All to make life in the big city more palatable, functioning as a welcome and well-deserved refuge for its inhabitants.

Ipojuca - PE, Brazil

Designed for summer vacations in a condominium on the beach, but with all the comfort of a residence for residents, this beautiful contemporary home soon draws attention to the contrasts between full and empty in the facades, the water mirror that surrounds part of its perimeter and by imposing glass meshes that reveal secrets with each new step of a visitor. The pool, which is integrated into the gourmet terrace has a shower, spa, wet bar, beach and enters the living-dining room through a glass wall, sneaking under a fabulous sculptural staircase made of steel and white marble. In addition to the incredible visuals that are present in social settings with this artifice, the comforting sound of a fountain in the dining room invites us to sensory pleasurable light and experiences as if presented to us in the main examples of the new architecture around the world .

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

Located in the highest part of Alphaville Pernambuco - phase 01, our Hill Residence is in a highly rugged terrain with differences of level that reach more if seven meters high, from the front of the (higher) terrain to the back. The use of steel was presented as a structural solution to overcome difficulties and make bold balances on the facade, besides being part of the constructive predilections of the inhabitants, with taste for the apparent concrete, large vertical gardens and wide openings for natural light and ventilation . The formal stiffness is enlivened with these openings in panes that allow for playful compositions on its edges and unmatched monumentality on the double foyer of the fabulous gourmet kitchen by the pool's edge with suspended deck, unveiling a breathtaking landscape in the late anthologica afternoom.

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

Again having the steel as protagonist, the "Y-Residence" surprises by the simple and direct drawing, full of personality. The sturdy steel beams give incredible lightness and unsuspected modernity to the set in recesses and protrusions at the ends of the residence, allowing the disposal of huge glass cloths with peculiar geometry. The house is completely adapted for people with special needs, with wide passages, automation features, solar pickup and lift, without neglecting a gourmet area of the most generous at the back of the land, covering the pool, but within the rigorous design norms of Alphaville Pernambuco that provides the percentage of green area destined to the land in the 50% margin. The gourmet terrace has barbecue, wood oven, vertical freezer, TV and image projector to accompany the football classics.

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

Inspired by the golden age of modernism in Brazil, the Modern House follows some of the principles of the architect Le Corbusier, making it easier to install a roof. The simplified geometry of its facades gives it rationality with a certain lyricism, allowing the highlight to vegetation, but it seems simplistic. A large front swing seems to loosen the upper floor as in the teachings of the french master, but without the use of pillars. The brutalism of the concrete cools as we enter the property, covered with woody porcelain in the cutouts in greater depth. Large glass openings favor the entry of light into the more protected facade from the direct incidence of sun, while smaller openings minimize heat exchange in the more exposed walls. Solar utilization for power generation, automation technologies and reuse of rainwater complete the project.

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

A daring variation of the Hill House motivated by the adoption of principles related to sustainability, differentiated aesthetics and structural economics led us to suggest this daring modification in the original project. Here, marine containers and container modules prevail on the façades of a post industrial designer reinforced by the steel structure and the latticework between lateral facade slabs. The coolness of the steel contrasts with the warm colors and the lighting technique inside the residence and with the mosaics of vertical gardens on the left side of the building. Located on a terrain of great slope the property surprises in the back where the swimming pool one observes the kitchen and the gourmet terrace with double right feet covered with brises of sun protection that floods him of charm with privileged view for the most beautiful sundown.

Recife - PE, Brazil

In an attempt to house three families, including the owners and the two parents of the couple who acquired the land and financed the construction and design of the property, the Multifamily Residence seeks to resemble a contemporary home with its own identity, but will besides that . After your entry we have access to three different properties: two on the ground floor and one on the upper floor, but with kitchen and service area interconnected, facilitating the integration of family nuclei, each with its rooms and independent rooms. The property also has a playground, a cycle path / jogging track and gastronomic building with a pool at the back of the property, as well as a ballroom and gym on the roof of its outbuildings. Under the access staircase to the upper deck on the main facade, a family vegetable garden makes utility and aesthetic the most dynamic space of the building.

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

Filling the entire area of the land, as far as possible, the Wave House can still dispense sympathy with its beautiful winding balconies that resemble waves blending curves and objectivity into a perfect formal entanglement, uniting reason and feeling without detriment to modernity. The double ceiling of the living room is foreshadowed by the entrance door with a sense of continuity. The warmth of the building spreads through its facades and culminates in the pool reserved at the back of the land, furnished by an edicule that houses a gourmet terrace, bathroom and games room. The building's body still houses space-fitness, being intimate, and three suites with walk-in closet and balcony on the upper deck. Downstairs, the rooms, support suite, home-office, home theater, gourmet kitchen and service outbuildings share space with rooms well stocked with natural light.

Alphaville Pernambuco - PE, Brazil

Aiming at a good use of the land and a great integration with the natural environment, the Flowering House does not seek to merge with the landscape (objectively opposed), but uses raw materials such as stone, large glass cloths , contemplative areas and even a central courtyard to counter the stress of urban life, always offering generous opportunities for the sun and the trees around it. The vertical accesses happen amidst the well-understanding experience of the day, there are double feet in the living room and on the stairs and this did not stop the project from offering swimming pool with beach and swimming stingray, gourmet space and terrace to support. The kitchen, also gourmet is also spacious and pleasant and apart from offices, home-theater and large suites, the house also offers a panoramic library from where you can see the relaxing pool and its beautiful gardens

Beach of Serrambi - PE, Brazil

A comfortable and imposing house, but of moderate cost and, above all, prepared for the holidays of leisure in the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazilian´s northeast. Such is our Beach House in Serrambi, Pernambuco, where the slope of the land was used for a discreet subsoil-garage. The social environments are geared towards a fantastic water park and of course, to the beautiful blue sea. In the pool and on the support deck, the meetings are held and are the perfect stage for rest or fun, with gastronomic hall, bar, wet room, shower, sauna and whirlpool in the pool with a beach that seeks to anticipate the color of the ocean. References in the finishes to woods, stones and other natural elements framing large glass cloths favor the relaxation in the open air, always without time, without hurry to finish.

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