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Projetos  de  Cafés,  Delicatessens, Bares  e  Restaurantes

ND STUDIO, by architects Nadjânia Gomes & Eric Dayan, has gradually become a reference in projects related to gastronomy, particularly in the creation of beautiful coffee shops, with sophisticated innovation without detriment to the use of rustic elements to provide the desired warmth in instagrammable environments, with ergonomics , accessibility and the know-how acquired in20 years of workin the areas ofconstruction, renovationIt isambianceas verified in the showy projects of our architecture office in coffeeshops, restaurants, delicatessen, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, guaranteeing "a house full of customers" in spaces with great personality, design and inviting lighting for a beautiful photo at coffee time.

CasaCor PE 2016 - Fachada 1.jpg
Império dos Camarões - Fachada 01_edited
Gourlatte Sorveteria (7)_edited_edited.j
Santa Clara Cafe
Neighborhood of Graces, Recife - PE


In order to present to the Pernambuco public the coffee shops of the Santa Clara group, which arrive in the state in projects developed by ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design, the architects of the office: Eric Dayan & Nadjânia Gomes developed a modern and conceptual point of sale for the brand for the ShowCasaCor PE 2016.  On the occasion, a charming instagrammable space was created to welcome tasters and customers of the brand, making use of its aesthetic guidelines adopted in Fortaleza and Natal, but also making room for innovations, such as the beautiful trellises from inside and outside the environment, signed by the architects and masterfully developed by the company Steel Decor especially for the occasion.

Santa Clara Cafeteria
Setúbal neighborhood, Recife - PE


After experiencing the experience of working on a project by the architects: Nadjânia Gomes & Eric Dayan at CasaCor PE 2016, carried out for the Santa Clara coffee franchise, the franchisees, given the great acceptance and success of the public at the exhibition, decided to hire the architects of the ND STUDIO to build the first Cafeteria Santa Clara in Pernambuco (and the third built in Brazil).  Located in the valued south zone of Recife, in the Setúbal neighborhood, the new property, different from the more adopted in the exhibition that preceded it, adopts concepts pre-established by the brand, such as a white logo in a luminescent circular format, an arbor in light brown wood, as well as the countertop and window frames, the countertop panel in low relief and tangram mosaics.

Cameroon Empire
Espinheiro neighborhood, Recife - PE

Traditional restaurant in Recife and also in the very traditional neighborhood of Espinheiro, Império dos Camarões needed to unify the three properties it occupies in a single façade, integrated into the surroundings, but familiar with its origins in terms of composition, thus reinforcing the brand’s memorization .  The third property was incorporated into the first two, bringing with it a toy library and a self-service lounge, while the other environments and access were renovated, including in the briefing the panoramic terrace, the snacks, the à la carte lounge, the central bar, the sushi bar, as well as a cashier, meeting room and bathroom PNE.  The new internal layout did not dispense with the intended sophistication with a vertical garden , light strips and personalized decorative objects.

Gourlatte Sorveteria
Neighborhood of Graces, Recife - PE

Planned to function in the charming Bairro das Graças based on the renovation of a pre-existing property, the building must present the glamor of Italian ice cream parlors, with sombreros, pergolas, vast vertical gardens, flowerbeds and spring air, scenographic lighting and natural elements such as stone and wood were widely used in the idealization of the property to be built and decorated, with a reception desk, bathrooms and access for people with special needs, a stage for presentations, meeting rooms and indoor and outdoor tasting rooms. The side of the space houses a small space for business meetings subject to availability for rent with possibilities for co-working in a covered and sheltered area.

Le Bistrot
Boa Viagem, Recife - PE

Espaço Le Bistrot was planned in an area of 2 x 3m, functioning as one of the exhibition spaces at the Evviva Bertolini store in Recife, in 2006, with the aim of presenting unusual possibilities for using furniture from the sponsoring company of the event.   Despite the limitations of space, located in one of the store's aisles and with practically only one wall available, the architects still managed to communicate with an atmosphere of warmth using the good experience with interiors, expanding the space with a small woody curtain, creating a logo on a ceramic plate for the environment and characterizing it in order to invest in the sensations that could be attributed to it to enhance the place.

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