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Designing a house on the coast is the dream of many of our clients and cannot be underestimated: it has to have a space for a beer, a place to meet friends, a swimming pool in the gourmet area, a place to relax in a good number of suites._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Often, in a beach house you enter from behind and this access needs to be attractive and inviting.  With expertise in the design of more than 40 houses, including high standard (or Luxury Houses) the architect Eric Dayan has selected for you the works aimed at this demand, this lifestyle - light, but demanding...  You will see below the main items of our portfolio aimed at building houses with this profile designed with all the needs of the setting previously thought out as we always do, without detriment to many other projects present on the site for your analysis.   Enjoy!

Serrambi Beach, Pernambuco

A comfortable and imposing house, but at a moderate cost and, above all, prepared for festive days of leisure in the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Brazilian Northeast. in Serrambi, Pernambuco, where the slope of the land was used for a discreet basement-garage.   The social areas face a fantastic water park and, of course, the beautiful blue sea.  The pool and Support Deck are where meetings take place and are the perfect stage for rest or fun, with a Gastronomic Room, bar, wet bathroom, shower, sauna and hydromassage tub in the pool with a beach that seeks to anticipate the color of the ocean.  References in the finishes to wood, stone and other natural elements framing large panes of glass privilege  outdoor relaxation, always on time, in no rush to finish.

Condomínio Quintas da Praia - PE

A Casa do Paiva, Projeto do arquiteto Eric Dayan do ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design localizada no Condomínio Quintas da Praia, da Reserva do Paiva, em Pernambuco, traz consigo o que há de mais moderno e sofisticado na arquitetura mundial como grandes aberturas de vidro curvo transparente, iluminação zenital para a sala de estar com pé-direito duplo.  O terraço gourmet de ponta a ponta diante da piscina está sob um grande painél suspenso na projeção do telhado, entre outras inovações para o local. As soluções visam a completa integração entre as fachadas, ocorrendo na frente e atrás da residência, sem descuidar das laterais para promoverem a transição, com aproveitamento máximo do terreno dentro de todas as regras de projeto e a plasticidade da edificação.  A casa do Paiva segue na sua área gourmet todos os preceitos  de praticidade e conforto consolidados ao longo de 20 anos de projetos do ND Arquitetura.

Serrambi Beach, Ipojuca - PE

Designed for the summer in a condominium on the beach, but with all the convenience and comfort of a residence for residents, this beautiful contemporary house immediately draws attention to the contrasts between full and empty facades, the reflecting pool that surrounds part of its perimeter and by the imposing glass meshes that reveal secrets at each new step of a visitor.  The swimming pool, integrated to the gourmet terrace, has a shower, spa, wet bar, small beach and enters the living-dining room by crossing a wall of glass, sneaking under a fabulous sculptural staircase made of steel and white marble.  In addition to the incredible look that can be seen in social environments with this device, the comforting_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ the sound of a fountain arranged in the dining room invites us to pleasurable light and sensory experiences as presented in the main examples of new architecture around the world.

Paiva Reserve - PE

Refurbishment and Ambiance Project for the Leisure Area and Swimming Pool of a beautiful house located on the seafront in Reserva do Paiva, in the Municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho - PE.  The reform designed by the architects of ND STUDIO covered the expansion of the Swimming Pool in length, width and depth, modifying its original design with a larger Prainha area and contact with the new Molhado Bar, now also larger. two showers and an annex comprising a wet bathroom, sauna and gazebo with lounge and hydromassage Jacuzzi facing the sea.  The renovation continued with new side accesses to this area, an arbor at the service entrance and remodeling of internal spaces, as well as the creation of new rooms such as the Recording Studio and the complete setting of all rooms in the residence.

Quintas da Praia,  Reserva do Paiva

In the pleasant Condominium Quintas da Praia, in Reserva do Paiva, our project prioritized contact with the outside environment, bringing large and sinuous windows and a sophisticated organic look, providing better integration and user experience with the natural environment._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ The Swimming Pool and the Gourmet Terrace were located on the top floor in order to offer a panoramic view of the beach when in use.   Light is brought into the building with active and progressive participation throughout the day, always reinforcing the inhabitants' contact with the exuberant nature around them.  The unusual format of the residence aims to reduce the impact of rationality in the general context, making the architecture more sentimental and permeable, always inviting to look at each new angle explored.   Would you like a selfie in front of this visual landmark of the condominium?

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Departing from the colonial style, in a daring reinterpretation of these origins, Casa Club adds a vast glass panel, as well as arched and "V" shaped columns to an objective plasticity that aims to preserve the formal purity and the vast gardens of its generous social area.  The intention is to shelter friends outdoors, preserving the interior of the building where only the most intimate will spend the night.  For this purpose, the swimming pool with a swimming lane, children's area, waterfall and wet bar, it has the powerful support of a gastronomic edicule that has a barbecue, dining table and a changing room for the wet area, serving users with relaxation and in the best home-club style.   at night, the gardens take on a resort feel.  Inside, the house has a home cinema, sculptural stairs and bold lighting for intimate and social environments .

Related Works

Discover our project for summer kiosks on northeastern beaches.  They are duplex chalets with complete structure and an adventure look for rent or investment with exclusive design by ND STUDIO Architecture by architects: Nadjânia Gomes and Eric Dayan.

Bangalôs em Serrambi (6).jpg

  Setting Beach Flats  

Refurbishing and decorating houses and apartments are our firm's specialties, and flats and beach areas couldn't be any different.  Check out the specialized section of our website for charming projects by Nadjânia Gomes.

  Flats Project for Summer Holidays  

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