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In his MBA in Business Management from FGV, our Architect Director Eric Dayan learned from the Japanese industry in the 80s that: "Quality is doing it right the first time" - from there, we can replicate the consolidated methods, materials and quantities in future situations with maximum assertiveness.  The houses present in this ND STUDIO Concept Portfolio follow a very clear parameter: that of innovation in design solutions that were previously recognized as effective when we felt the need to seek less conventional standards .  Our best example here is the Infinity House, developed for a hypothetical client with a program never before requested from our office: a sinuous design in a long-lined house, with futuristic inspirations, different cutouts in the glass, thermoacoustic and flexible coating in ACM and bold furniture among other stimulating prerogatives.

Concept Project

This high standard house with futuristic solutions, sinuous and sophisticated design, large stained glass windows, bold lighting and metallized coating in ACM, is purely conceptual by our office, but objectively designed on a real plot of the Gravatá County condominium in the municipality of Sairé, observing all the setbacks, solar orientation and construction standards of the site.  Our Luxury House has three suites, a living room with double height ceilings, a complete service area, spacious kitchen, living room, dining room, panoramic balconies, wine cellar and Swimming pool with a Gourmet Terrace, Lounge with Fire-Pit, Sauna and other amenities.  Take off with us in this beautiful project and also discover our fantastic Casino to gather friends in a sophisticated Lounge for adult games, prolonging the party at nightfall!

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Take a fascinating tour inside Infinity House on video recording everything on a cell phone.  You will see that in our projects all the details are meticulously thought out inside and outside the property, in harmonic pro design solutions.

Infinity House (19).jpg

  Infinity House Panoramic Video 

Refurbishing and decorating houses and apartments are our firm's specialties, and flats and beach areas couldn't be any different.  Check out the specialized section of our website for charming projects by Nadjânia Gomes.

  Infinity House Interior Video  

Infinity House (49).jpg

Innovation in architecture can be found in the originality of the solutions employed and our portfolio is full of assertive experiments, covering houses with apparent roof or with built-in roof, flat or inclined slab, reinforced concrete structure, eucalyptus logs, steel or container, swimming pool beside , in the background, indoors or on the rooftop, amazing and contemplative swings on challenging terrain, some very small, others huge...  Which is better?  It depends really from the client and the project - the fundamental thing is to be prepared to always take a step forward with motivation to overcome obstacles!  The following examples represent some of the most significant innovations successfully experienced in our twenty years of projects, graced with the opportunities entrusted to us in constant professional improvement - with great pleasure!

João Pessoa - PB

Casa do Altiplano is innovative because it was ND STUDIO's first residential construction project and earned the firm, right at its premiere, the prize de  BEST  PROJETO_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ DE  ARQUITETURA  RESIDENCIAL  CONSTRUÍDA  pela revista especializada CLASSCASA no ano de 2011.   Its charm lies in the apparent white roof of several planes and in the vast stained glass windows of the sinuous façade, which takes on a unique beauty when they contrast with the lighting of the swimming pool at night, as seen in the photographs.   With lighting and security automation, elevator connecting from the basement to the first floor, energy and heat generation through solar panels and a complete Gourmet Terrace integrated into the Kitchen and the water park that has a pool with SPA , wet bar, beach, swimming lane and waterfall, the project still honors its architects for the quality of the materials chosen.

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Located at Km 14.5 of Estrada de Aldeia, in the Pernambuco municipality of Camaragibe, next to a beautiful forest reserve, this bucolic residence seeks the best aesthetic integration with the natural environment, with a slight overlap in the daring front drawing, but exhaling scenographic rusticity in the composition of facades with stones, columns, decks and wooden pergolas, and a lot of contemplative glass favoring solar lighting and visual contact with the landscape inside and outside the property.  Among the internal spaces, We highlight a generous library that, in addition to being well-inserted in the tranquility of the place, serves as a space for family gatherings, an environment for research, studies and social contact with the outside world, equipped with shelves, individual benches in a meeting room with a home-theater._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ At the end of the afternoon, enjoy the sunset from the generous "L" shaped terrace.

Alphaville Pernambuco

Once again featuring steel as the protagonist, "Residência Y" surprises with its simple and direct design, full of personality.  The robust steel beams give incredible lightness and unsuspected modernity to the set in recesses and protrusions in the extremes of the house, allowing the arrangement of huge panes of glass with peculiar geometry.  The house is completely adapted for people with special needs, featuring wide passages, automation resources, solar capture and an elevator, without neglecting a most generous gourmet area at the back of the land, including the swimming pool, but within the strict design rules of Alphaville Pernambuco that provide for  the percentage of green area allocated to the land on the edge of the 50 %.  The gourmet terrace has a barbecue, wood oven, upright freezer, TV and image projector to accompany the football classics.

(Container House)
Alphaville Pernambuco

A daring variation on Casa da Colina motivated by the adoption of principles linked to sustainability, differentiated aesthetics and structural economy led us to suggest this daring modification to the original project.  Here, the maritime containers and the Container modules make a post-industrial design prevail on the facades, reinforced by the metallic steel structure and the latticework between slabs on the side facade.  The coldness of the steel contrasts with the warm colors and lighting technology inside the residence and with mosaics of vertical gardens on the left side of the building.  Located on a steeply sloping plot of land, the property surprises you at the rear, where you can see the kitchen and gourmet terrace with high ceilings from the pool double rooms covered with solar protection brises that flood you with charm with a privileged view of the most beautiful sunsets.

Serrambi Beach, Ipojuca - PE

Designed for the summer in a condominium on the beach, but with all the convenience and comfort of a residence for residents, this beautiful contemporary house immediately draws attention to the contrasts between full and empty facades, the reflecting pool that surrounds part of its perimeter and by the imposing glass meshes that reveal secrets at each new step of a visitor.  The swimming pool, integrated to the gourmet terrace, has a shower, spa, wet bar, small beach and enters the living-dining room by crossing a wall of glass, sneaking under a fabulous sculptural staircase made of steel and white marble.  In addition to the incredible look that can be seen in social environments with this device, the comforting_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ the sound of a fountain arranged in the dining room invites us to pleasurable light and sensory experiences as presented in the main examples of new architecture around the world.

Recife PE

Building a conceptual house, with a daring and contemporary design on a plot measuring less than eight meters in front and twenty-two meters in length in a simple neighborhood in the bustling city of Recife - that was the challenge overcome with  success indisputable by the architects of ND STUDIO.  With acoustic treatment on the windows, panoramic landing over the pool, contemplation terrace and gym on the roof, this beautiful house stands out due to the personality of its shapes softened by a water park which includes a large shower, small access beach, hydromassage benches and wet bar, next to the support bathroom, the barbecue and other gastronomic equipment for preparing and washing tasty snacks.  Everything for make life in the big city more palatable, functioning as a welcoming and well-deserved refuge for its inhabitants.

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