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Retail Store Projects

ND STUDIO's projects for retail stores such as boutiques, perfumeries, shoe stores, jewelry stores, pharmacies or service providers such as beauty salons and kiosks rely on the 20-year expertise of our architecture office, including the creation of the logo for your business and the visual identity of the customized furniture and the façade with accessibility, security and the professional know-how of our architects at points of sale or resale in malls, hypermarkets, galleries and other commercial locations.

Dite  Cosmetics
Carrefour Torre, Recife - PE

New retail brand of cosmetics and perfumery products, Dite was created and inaugurated at the end of 2020 with a renovation project, ambiance and visual identity (including the creation of the logo) created by ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design, following the strict standards of presentation and guidelines of the Carrefour hypermarket in the Torre neighborhood, where it is located. All the metalon and wood furniture was planned in a short time by the office for immediate manufacture and installation after approval by the chain's board of directors. With vinyl flooring, fire-fighting regulations, accessibility precautions and a backlit façade plate with an electrostatic painting background, the store was ready for Christmas, just two months after the start of the project.

Drusa  Semi Jewels
Boa Viagem, Recife - PE

In order to develop a visual pattern for a new brand of semi-precious jewels (Drusa), the ND STUDIO team was hired to create the company's logo, the chromatic patterns for the visual identity and, of course, to renovate the property where it is located. would install the store and set it up, following the best concepts for the smooth running of the enterprise. Thus, extra care was dedicated to the exhibitors and to the lighting of the spaces in order to value the products and sales techniques, with adequate eye direction, hierarchy in the presentation of the pieces, in addition to flowchart and climatization pertinent to use, without detriment to safety place.

Sotero´s  Semi Jewels
Center, Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE

Initially, a plotting and advertising graphic printing store in the center of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE, Sotero´s decided to do more than a retrofit, modifying the Corebusiness of the business and entrusted ND STUDIO with the mission of adapting the existing space to the new one. use, now for the brand name memo seller of semi-jewels! Inspired by Drusa, from the ND STUDIO portfolio, but focusing on the target audience, with more modest purchasing power, the contractors chose the color patterns to be presented and asked our office for the renovation and ambiance project with the proper positioning of market. The result can be seen in the images displayed here.

Espaço Unisset (13).jpg
Unisset  Space
Casa Amarela neighborhood, Recife - PE

Cozy beauty space for women specializing in haircuts, painting, makeup and nail care in the Casa Amarela neighborhood, with welcoming and homely refinement, indoor vegetation, indirect lighting and other features that remind us of the charming French architecture. Here, the important thing is to be comfortable with aesthetic care and to catch up, forgetting the typical hubbub of everyday life. Reinforcing the break from routine, we have bold colors and differentiated environments that do not detach from the harmonious whole and full of personality.

Las Chicas Hermosas
Neighborhood of São José, Recife - PE

Beauty Salon with Reception Lounge and Haircut Studio, Las Chicas Hermosas was idealized to be part of the Casa-Cor Pernambuco 2008 exhibition, representing ND STUDIO Arquitetura & Design. The Lounge welcomed guests with personality and daring to the sound of the brand new electronic tango by the group Otros Aires, an unusual sensation at the time. Works of art guided the customer's gauze, leading them to the studio where many heads were sculpted during the event. The environments explored drawings with indirect light and neutral tones uniting cobalt blue, black, silver and white, without neglecting the tasks of the space with planned lighting on top and on both sides of the customer's face.

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