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HOUSES  URBAN   ( Metropolitan Region of Recife )

Building a high-end home in a big city like Recife today is a luxury for few people.  Real estate speculation and the land value make it practically unfeasible to build a residence in a prime area of the city today. city where it is almost always more feasible to erect a building.  But sometimes the land appears - it can be narrow, cramped or located in the suburbs and the owner will have to pay very close attention to the requirements of security.  Therefore, the closer to the city center the more daring the development tends to be in the solutions adopted, whether to circumvent the lack of space, to house a company or in some other way make it hybrid, versatile, multipurpose...  It is above all this configuration of properties planned from scratch that we will see on this page that also brings us peripheral properties in condominiums and with a rural aspect, with orchards and plants or larger private or common leisure areas, like our houses in Alphaville not listed here.

Recife PE

Building a conceptual house, with a daring and contemporary design on a plot measuring less than eight meters in front and twenty-two meters in length in a simple neighborhood in the bustling city of Recife - that was the challenge overcome with  success indisputable by the architects of ND STUDIO.  With acoustic treatment on the windows, panoramic landing over the pool, contemplation terrace and gym on the roof, this beautiful house stands out due to the personality of its shapes softened by a water park which includes a large shower, small access beach, hydromassage benches and wet bar, next to the support bathroom, the barbecue and other gastronomic equipment for preparing and washing tasty snacks.  Everything for make life in the big city more palatable, functioning as a welcoming and well-deserved refuge for its inhabitants.

Recife PE

With the intention of housing three families, including the owners and the two sets of parents of the couple that acquired the land and financed the construction and design of the property, the Multifamily Residence seeks to resemble a contemporary home with its own identity, but will in addition.  After entering, we have access to three different properties: two on the ground floor and one on the upper floor, but with an interconnected kitchen and service area, facilitating the integration of family nuclei, each one with its independent living rooms and bedrooms.  The property also houses a playground, bike lane / jogging track and gastronomic shed with swimming pool at the back of the land, in addition to a ballroom and gym on the roof of its dependencies.  Under the access stairs to the upper floor on the main façade, a family vegetable garden makes the most dynamic space in the building utilitarian and aesthetic.

Recife PE

Built in the charming neighborhood of Poço da Panela, in Recife, in an area of adjoining houses, this well-used residence with a modern façade, with its own personality and large glass openings, meets very particular project needs, as well as meeting the condition of home to a family of entrepreneurs, it is also their work address and service to the public, consolidating a behavioral trend in progress in Brazil.  Thus, through the access on the left side, we enter the office of Fly-Tour tourism agency, while on the right we have the home entrance, both planned and set up for their proper purposes by our office.  In addition to the company's premises, the property includes four suites, living room with three Environments, Home Theater, Gourmet Terrace  and Spa, among many other attractions

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Seeking adequate integration with nature, with due distinctions, Casa Canteiro, all built on the ground floor - but even so with higher ceilings in the Living and Dining rooms - has  typical lines of a beautiful middle-class residence with an appreciation for aesthetics and allowing for certain sophistications, such as the imposing glass mesh and hanging planters on the main façade.  A beautiful human dwelling surrounded by greenery and with recreational possibilities such as the vast Gourmet Terrace equipped with a pizza oven, barbecue, vat, bathroom and dish rack for the kitchen as in our large projects of the genre, in addition to a living room with TV on the terrace that opens to the outside, flanking a small Piscina.  Not by chance, we adopted the features of traditional architecture on its facades, with an apparent roof over a flat slab on two levels in the building.

Aldeia, Camaragibe - PE

Departing from the colonial style, in a daring reinterpretation of these origins, Casa Club adds a vast glass panel, as well as arched and "V" shaped columns to an objective plasticity that aims to preserve the formal purity and the vast gardens of its generous social area.  The intention is to shelter friends outdoors, preserving the interior of the building where only the most intimate will spend the night.  For this purpose, the swimming pool with a swimming lane, children's area, waterfall and wet bar, it has the powerful support of a gastronomic edicule that has a barbecue, dining table and a changing room for the wet area, serving users with relaxation and in the best home-club style.   at night, the gardens take on a resort feel.  Inside, the house has a home cinema, sculptural stairs and bold lighting for intimate and social environments .

Village, Paudalho - PE

Living on a farm near Recife, in a municipality like Paudalho, is a dream for many people, especially in retirement, for those who enjoy the northeastern fauna and flora and a traditional way of life.  These were the guidelines for our renovation and expansion of a property in the Bosque Águas de Aldeia condominium, where an old mansion needed to be recovered and adapted for use by the new owner, creating a double height ceiling in the living room and focusing attention mainly on the gourmet area with overlooking a powerful swimming pool where even the little dogs can play.  There is space planned for the planting and cultivation of exotic species of floral plants, but also for the barbecue or feijoada at the end of the month. week with beer on the side, as it should be.  All this in the best style of colonial architecture already tested and approved in our tropical forests.

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